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PAPER INPUT OPTION we encourage paperless options, old habits are hard to break. For businesses that prefer paper, payroll input can be provided to Rothrock Payroll as follows;

  • Hand written and faxed
  • Pre-Printed Input Grid that Rothrock provides after the previous pay run (see below)
  • Entered into Microsoft Excel and emailed or faxed directly to your payroll representative.


In all instances, Rothrock Payroll can provide a reminder by email when payroll input is due.


Businesses with only exempt employees and that have very limited changes from one pay to the next, can provide Rothrock a "Recurring Payroll Authorization" that instructs Rothrock to process future payrolls with employees and pay rates that are identical to the most recently completed payroll unless notfied of changes.

This "set and forget" method of payroll input is suitable for businesses that only employ exempt personnel. When changes occur, the employer provides an email or fax documenting the changes.


This sample of a pre-printed input grid is one method for a business to report hours and changes for the next pay period. Changes in rates, hours or deductions are noted on the sheet; which is then emailed or faxed.