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Rothrock Payroll's electronic onboarding platform is designed to help growing businesses manage their new hire paperwork in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. No fumbling through paperwork. Employers can easily select which new hire documents they want to have employees fill out and then seamlessly manage the onboarding process.

Employees can complete, review and electronically sign necessary paperwork before they show up to work. It makes an employee's first day of work much more productive.

Employers manage and maintain all employee documentation in one electronic location that makes it easier to stay compliant with the law.

Simply tell us the new hire's name and email, then we handle the rest.

The following documents can be completed electronically;

  • Background Check

  • Offer Letter

  • Employee Manual

  • W-4 Tax Forms

  • Personal information – address, emergency contact, phone, email etc.

  • I-9, Eligibility documents – driver license, passport, etc.

  • Direct Deposit information – bank routing, account number, etc.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) information

  • Customizable Packets–employee handbooks, disclosures, health benefit packets, etc.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit

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