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While our payroll services are similar to the services provided by other national providers, there are some noteworthy differences.

  • Unlike our competitors, we accomplish ALL payroll related filings for our clients – including workers’ compensation, new hire reporting and remittance to retirement, health and welfare vendors that you select. At Rothrock, full service = full service.

  • When the taxman calls, Rothrock is ready. We have extensive experience in audit representation and tax negotiation and have on-site CPAs to help defend you.

  • Rothrock doesn’t charge separately for deletions, reporting, or W-2s. Your cost is based on the number of people getting paid, plus any out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Beyond processing your payroll, Rothrock actively works to reduce your payroll expenses. We identify and recommend tax-advantaged methods of compensation, review unemployment rates, and actively assist our clients in controlling workers’ compensation costs.

  • Rothrock doesn’t sell insurance or manage investments. But we are there, in your corner, to assist you in securing and selecting retirement plans and insurances that fit the needs of you and your employees.


What else makes Rothrock Payroll the right choice? Linked are actual competitor letters showing what our payroll service will provide for you and your business compared to what national competitors will not provide. 

Client testimonials speak for themselves. Click here to read what our competitors clients have to say about their national payroll providers services. 

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