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Rothrock Payroll Services does not employ a sales staff. We rely on other professionals to refer business to us and we compensate those that do. Contact us to find out more.


Accounting firms rarely treat processing of client payrolls as one of their core competencies. When it comes to payroll processing, most accounting firms fall into one of two categories.

Some accounting firms process client's payroll; but they do so without providing their staff adequate training, without investing in systems and security to provide clients the features and security they deserve, and generally process the payroll because they want to keep their client happy. On the other hand, CPA firms that don't process payroll tend to outsource the work for little or no compensation to national payroll providers.

If either of these scenarios sounds like your accounting firm, then you should work with Rothrock Payroll Services. Here is why;

  • When Rothrock process your clients' payrolls, a portion of the payroll processing fees are paid to you every month. And, provided the CPA firm continues to refer payroll clients, Rothrock will continue to pay a monthly commission to the CPA firm forever.

  • At the choosing of the referring CPA firm, Rothrock can "brand" the client payroll reports and client communications in the name of the referring CPA firm or process the payroll in the Rothrock name.

  • To ensure the referring CPA firm maintains 100% control of the client, Rothrock Payroll and its affiliates provide a non-solicitation pact to the referring firm.


Stop struggling with payroll processing; turn it from a cost center to a profit center. Contact us and let's begin working together.

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