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Rothrock Payroll provides four paperless input solutions. Source information that includes hours worked, wage and other changes to employee

information can be;

  • Entered into a Secure Website,

  • Uploaded directly from Time Clocks,

  • Completed Electronically and sent via your Secure Portal, or

  • The employer can provide a Recurring Pay Authorization.


This is a web-based and user-friendly online application. The website has a vast array of features to accommodate the needs of vastly different employers and industries.

There is no software to install. You can view, edit, and run reports right through your web browser. There are several functions to our secure web based solution and they include;

  • Payroll Entry - allows you to view, edit, and update any or all employees’ payroll information, as well as place holds on employee payrolls.

  • Review & Submit - use to review the current payroll before uploading.

  • Payroll Review - to review past payroll runs in detail.

  • Employee Review - to view and update employee paystub and personal information.

  • Reports - view a number of different payroll and ledger reports.

  • My Info - used to modify your personal information.

Here is a link to a demo video that explains our web based payroll in detail.

Below are some screen shots of Rothrock Payroll's web based system.



Rothrock's timeclocks are affordable ways to collect employee data. Time and attendance can be recorded with;

  • Employee PIN

  • Badge swipe

  • Proximity card

  • Key fob

  • Finger print or hand geometry biometrics.


Emloyee information can be recorded over the telephone, or through a web/mobile browser. Therefore, if your employees are located in an office, at a kiosk or on-the-go, Rothrock's time clocks offer a way to send your employee data to the web for immediate online supervisor editing.

Rothrock's timeclocks are programable and can be suited to meet your company’s needs, whether it be as simple as “in and out” or more complex with labor distribution and shift differentials.

Features of our timeclocks include;

  • Employee Self Service

  • Automated OT calculations

  • Automated Leave Request

  • Holiday tracking and payment

  • Punch rounding (in/out)

  • Daily auto email report

  • Multi-tier Supervisor Approval

  • Import direct to payroll

  • Determine FT/PT hours

  • Flexible reporting; audit trail

  • Shift differential pay

  • PTO Accruals

  • Job costing

  • Multiple pay rates

  • Labor distribution

  • Calculate Full Time Equivalents

  • Custom pay categories


This is the standard time clock (without biometrics);


Your privacy and the security of your documents is very important to us. In order to keep your information secure while enabling transmittal of documents 24 hours a day, we provide a secure client portal.

How the Portal Works

  • This website contains a "hot button" that takes you to the portal.

  • Rothrock Payroll Services will provide you with a username and password.

  • After you receive your username and password, you are able to log into the portal and then safely exchange confidential information with us.

  • Files are encrypted and we can add expiration dates to ensure old data is removed.

  • Whenever we send you a file, you will receive an email notification that a document has been sent to you.

  • Whenever you send us a file, you will receive and email notification when we retrieve it.


What Gets Transmitted through the Portal

Any document relevant to your payroll can be transmitted to us through the portal. To help you gather payroll input, Rothrock provides a "Next Payroll Worksheet" (see below) with every pay that it processes. This worksheet contains pre-printed names and pertinent information for all employees. Simply enter hours, note any changes and sign. Alternatively, Rothrock can create an Excel spreadsheet for payroll input information. These document, along with any other payroll related documents, are transmitted to us through the secure portal.


Businesses with only exempt employees and that have very limited changes from one pay to the next, can provide Rothrock a "Recurring Payroll Authorization" that instructs Rothrock to process future payrolls with employees and pay rates that are identical to the most recently completed payroll unless notfied of changes.

This "set and forget" method of payroll input is suitable for businesses that only employ exempt personnel.

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