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The Ultimate Triathlon Race Day Checklist | Complete Tri

  • Payroll checks and envelopes
  • Employee current and YTD earnings and deduction statements
  • Payroll Summary
  • Check Register
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Direct Deposit
  • Escrow and payment of federal, state and city taxes
  • New Hire Reporting
  • General Ledger Reporting
  • Vacation & Sick Time Reporting
  • Department Reporting
  • Benefit plan (401-K, 403-B, Simple IRA) reporting
  • Prevailing Wage reporting for public projects
  • Accurately and timely remittance of withholdings as required by federal, state and local tax agencies
  • Remittance of garnishments and court ordered payment to third party agencies in compliance with agency requirements
  • Remittance of voluntary withholdings for employee benefits and retirement plans to your selected vendors
  • Child support and garnishment payments




  • Federal form 941
  • State unemployment returns
  • Federal unemployment deposits




  • Employee W-2’s and Employer W-3
  • State and local withholding reconciliations
  • Federal Unemployment Return, Form 940




  • Ohio BWC Reporting and filing
  • Stuff and seal envelopes
  • 1099/1096 tax forms